Ted and Ronnie Kimble were wrongfully convicted of the murder of Ted's wife, Patricia. Ted has exhausted all of his appeals, but Ronnie has not. They are in dire need of public assistance to prove their innocence.

Friday, October 6, 2017

May 15, 2007 Letter from The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence

The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence
PO Box 52446, Shannon Plaza Station, Durham, NC 27717-2446
The Innocence Projects@ at the Law Schools of
Duke University, UNC-Chapel NCCU, and Elon University
May 15, 2007
Mr. Ronnie Kimble. #0628799
Nash Correctional P.O. Box 600
Nashville, NC 27856
Dear Mr. Kimble:

We have received your letter inquiring about the status of your case. We have received your completed questionnaires and legal materials. As you know, we are a volunteer organization with limited resources and a heavy case load. Our Center coordinates the Innocence Projects@ for the law schools named above, so you may send all correspondence directly to our address:

NC Center on Actual Innocence
P.O. Box 52446, Shannon Plaza Station
Durham, NC 27717-2446.

Although your transcripts are available online, we would still like to review a hard copy of your trial transcript. Please forward your trial transcripts to our office at the above address. All legal documents will be returned to you upon completion of our review.

We receive an enormous number of requests for assistance. In order to devote adequate resources to case review and investigation, it is necessary that we devote very little to correspondence. Please understand that we are not currently able to send regular updates. We will be in touch with you if we require additional information during your case review or when a decision has been made on your case.

In addition. you should be aware that our services are limited to investigating actual claims of innocence on behalf of inmates. Thank you for your patience.


North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence
Cc: Ronnie and Edna Kimble

NOTE: The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence (including all its affiliated innocence projects and individuals) reviews cases for the sole purpose of investigating claims of actual innocence. The Center does not act as legal counsel to any person whose case is being investigated, until and unless the Center, through its legal counsel or her designees, specifically agrees in writing to take on such representation.

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